Poker Strategy How to face a pre flop raiser in early position

One tough situation in Texas No Limit Hold’em is to play after someone had just called a raise pre-flop.

The other player takes the lead and shows some aggression with a raise, and it will not be very easy for you to push the competition out of the pot.

The key ingredient to winning against a pre-flop raiser is by making most of your position on the table and checking out the amount of chips your opponent has.

Early position

It will be a tough spot if you need to act before someone who raised. Your opponent has the lead when he or she raised pre-flop and also has the position to make most of the flop. How you should act will really depend on the texture of the flop.

If the flop gives you suited cards, a pair on the poker board, or three cards that may lead to straight, then go out with a normal bet of about half of the pot.

Most likely your opponent will have big premium cards or big pair, and it the table is to scary then most likely they will fold. IN case they raise and you did not make anything out of the flop, then don’t be too gutsy and just fold your cards.  If he raises and you have something out of the flop, then analyse things carefully.

When the flop gives you unpaired, unsuited high cards, then it is a tough luck for you unless you really got good combos out of the flop. The other player has already displayed some strength pre-flop with a raise, so most likely it will be appropriate to just check or play safe and fold.

If you got really good cards, then the best move will be to bet out and most likely you will get a raise. Then push your opponent to the edge with a check-raise.