Getting the most of your drawing hands in no limit hold’em

When you are playing limit hold’em, it will be rare to have inadequate odds to get a flush or straight. Even when the pott odds are not enough, the implied odds will somehow dictate that you can stay in the pot if you are only facing a single bet. The scenario is different though for no limit hold’em.

Here are some poker tips on how you should handle a draw

Flush draw or straight draw

No need to call the bet if you have a straight draw or a possible flush. If you are playing heads up and the other player makes a pot-size bet, you will not have the right price to call. The pot size bet gives you a 2 to 1 odds. Your flush draw will have nine outs while the straight draw will have an 8. Calling will be very risky.

Play your draw with aggression

When you have a draw, do not forget to inject some aggression when you act on them. Bet and you can easily get it paid off. When you bet, your opponent will not now if you are still pouncing with the same cards, or maybe you were able to get something, or got a draw.

When out of position, do not build

When you are out of position and you have a draw, better avoid building it. This also helps you avoid uncomfortable situations when your opponent has a good advantage in terms of position.