Bluffing Tips for Poker

Bluffing is a huge aspect when it comes to playing poker and being successful at it.

This article will highlight some of the most popular bluffing tips in order to take your game to the next level.

For starters, for those who play poker, you know that its all about reading your opponent. Therefore, if you want to make sure that your bluff really works you need to be predictable. You will want other plays to realize that if you have a weak hand you fold, if you have a strong hand, you call. You will need to do this for a few hands so that they ‘think’ you have no bluffing ability at all. Then, when you feel the time is right, and you have a weak hand, play as if it is a strong hand. Chances are, the other players will fold because you are showing that you have a strong hand. Thus, your bluff was successful.

Other players take the opposite way of playing poker and play unpredictably. This is probably the hardest way to go since it does require that you show no emotion when you have a good or bad hand. You basically want your face to be blank and devoid of all emotion.

This will make other players a little weary of you, but you will be able to bluff them all you want. In addition, when you walk away from the game the other players still have no idea if you were bluffing or not.

In the example beforehand, players will eventually figure out your game, in this situation it remains a mystery.


Poker Strategy How to face a pre flop raiser in early position

One tough situation in Texas No Limit Hold’em is to play after someone had just called a raise pre-flop.

The other player takes the lead and shows some aggression with a raise, and it will not be very easy for you to push the competition out of the pot.

The key ingredient to winning against a pre-flop raiser is by making most of your position on the table and checking out the amount of chips your opponent has.

Early position

It will be a tough spot if you need to act before someone who raised. Your opponent has the lead when he or she raised pre-flop and also has the position to make most of the flop. How you should act will really depend on the texture of the flop.

If the flop gives you suited cards, a pair on the poker board, or three cards that may lead to straight, then go out with a normal bet of about half of the pot.

Most likely your opponent will have big premium cards or big pair, and it the table is to scary then most likely they will fold. IN case they raise and you did not make anything out of the flop, then don’t be too gutsy and just fold your cards.  If he raises and you have something out of the flop, then analyse things carefully.

When the flop gives you unpaired, unsuited high cards, then it is a tough luck for you unless you really got good combos out of the flop. The other player has already displayed some strength pre-flop with a raise, so most likely it will be appropriate to just check or play safe and fold.

If you got really good cards, then the best move will be to bet out and most likely you will get a raise. Then push your opponent to the edge with a check-raise.


Great poker players and their awesome cribs

Phil Ivey made some poker news headlines after he put on sale his Sin City mansion for around $2 million.

The poker genius’ house had 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 3 fireplaces, a pool, plus a hot tub. Add to the amenities a great view of the mountain and the lush greens of the golf course.

Well aside from Phil Ivey, there are other poke greats who live in a house fit for royalties.

You also need to check out the house of Doyle Bronson with some fancy pool with rock formations on the side. Check out the video below to see what we are saying about the home of the Texas Dolly.

David Benyamine also has a nice house. What can you ask for a backyard with a pool, and like what his wife added, a sort of theme based on Pirates of the Caribbean. His poker room is jaw dropping compared to most living rooms that we know off.

It has a monstrous TV mounted on the wall and leather chairs which is ideal for multi tabling.


Getting the most of your drawing hands in no limit hold’em

When you are playing limit hold’em, it will be rare to have inadequate odds to get a flush or straight. Even when the pott odds are not enough, the implied odds will somehow dictate that you can stay in the pot if you are only facing a single bet. The scenario is different though for no limit hold’em.

Here are some poker tips on how you should handle a draw

Flush draw or straight draw

No need to call the bet if you have a straight draw or a possible flush. If you are playing heads up and the other player makes a pot-size bet, you will not have the right price to call. The pot size bet gives you a 2 to 1 odds. Your flush draw will have nine outs while the straight draw will have an 8. Calling will be very risky.

Play your draw with aggression

When you have a draw, do not forget to inject some aggression when you act on them. Bet and you can easily get it paid off. When you bet, your opponent will not now if you are still pouncing with the same cards, or maybe you were able to get something, or got a draw.

When out of position, do not build

When you are out of position and you have a draw, better avoid building it. This also helps you avoid uncomfortable situations when your opponent has a good advantage in terms of position.


Poker Basics What is a Free Card?

In simple terms, a free card is used in poker for opportunities when you or your opponent is able to see a card without calling a bet.

For example, if you and your opponent are in on a pot and you are called to act first, simply by checking, you give your opponent the chance to look at a “free card”.

You call a free card in a game of poker when you’re trying to save money while you’re on a draw, or when you’re trying to extract more money from an opponent. A “free card” is a simple move which incorporates semi-bluff techniques and check raise.

When making a free card play, you should know the right moment to make the play, be playing with only one opponent (two more opponents can make it more difficult), make sure that you’re the first to act, and double check if you have a fairly strong hand.

The advantages of a free hand play is that it allows you to save money for betting rounds later on, it takes the attention away from the strength of your hand, and it gives you the chance to take down the pot on a flop (even without flopping quad kings!).

There are states when it’s not a good idea to give a free card to your opponent.

This happens when you’re actually giving your opponent a chance to catch up on you by showing a free card. Remember, you should only use the free card to your advantage. If you can dodge a bet, or better yet, lure your opponent into making a bet on a weak hand, go ahead and show a strategic free card.


Bobby’s Room at Bellagio

The High Stakes room at the Bellagio Poker Room is called Bobby’s Room,

and it’s the place where the biggest live poker games are played between some of the game’s greats including Doyle Brunson,

Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius, David Benyamine